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Travel Horror As Qantas Aircraft Is Forced To Land

Everyone has good trips and bad trips – travel doesn’t always go smoothly, whether it’s business travel or just for leisure but this morning there were reports of what could have ended as a real travel catastrophe. Next time you’re upset because your flight is delayed by fifteen minutes think back to what the plane full of passengers travelling from London to Melbourne must have felt when their holiday or flight home was brought to a frightening halt. Passengers claimed to hear a loud bang and soon after air rushed into the cabin.

Most passengers never pay much attention to the safety demonstrations before their flights, but most of these unlucky travellers certainly will if they have any desire to fly again; the cabin lost pressure and all on board had to wear oxygen masks as the plane made a rapid (and undoubtedly frightening) emergency landing. The aircraft landed safely, and it was found that the problem was a huge hole in the baggage compartment of the aircraft (almost 3 meters in width). News sources say passengers were, unsurprisingly, terrified and many were ill after seeing the damage done to the aircraft outside.

Of course this isn’t a regular event, but it’s a reminder that there is always a worse scenario when it comes to air travel.


UK Airports Set To Get Long Awaited Revamp

Whether you travel frequently through corporate travel or just jet off once a year on holiday, there is no denying that everyone finds travel much more enjoyable when they are going from a well kept airport. Not only does the general cleanliness affect people’s travels but the facilities available such as bars, restaurants, shops and waiting areas can make a massive difference to how enjoyable someone’s flight can be.


Although the bulk of UK airports are looked after very well and have enough to keep holiday makers and those on corporate travel entertained, they have long been waiting for the funds to revamp themselves. There has recently been good news for Heathrow and Stanstead Airports as BAA has secured £7.65 billion for the two airports to get redeveloped.


Amongst the changes that are expected to take place include the building of Heathrow East which is set to replace Terminals 1 and 2 and the expansion of Stanstead Airport. This is great news for holiday makers and those on corporate travel because it means that there will be more flights and more facilities which will make flying a lot more enjoyable for everyone.


There have also recently been talks about raising more funds for another loan so that Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton Airports can all be revamped. These things take a lot of time to get the funding, the building plans approved and the work to actually get completed so it is unlikely that these changes will be made anytime soon.


However, once the various airports around the UK have been refurbished then everyone from those on corporate travel to those going on holiday are likely to see the benefits. The general day to day operation of all the airports is likely to improve as well as the facilities will be better. This hopefully means that people will be able to check in and get onto their flights as quickly and easily as possible. This is particularly great news for those who do a lot of corporate travel because no doubt they get sick of being in and out of airports all the time.


With great new facilities though and easy check in systems even people who do a lot of corporate travel will find the process so easy that they won’t mind doing this. As well as this it also means that holiday makers can get their journey off to a better start as they won’t have to deal with any hassles when it comes to checking in at the airport.  

British Airways Move More Flights To Terminal 5

One thing is for sure and that’s the fact that Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport has caused a lot of controversy and attracted a lot of attention from the very first day its plans were unveiled. From environmentalists protesting against the extra damage it would cause to the skies and local residents worried about even more noise pollution, to Naomi Campbell getting arrested at the terminal and long flight delays and cancellations. Everyone has been affected by the commotion from those on corporate travel to those who were looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday.


However, things finally seem to be calming down at Terminal 5 and British Airways appear to be regaining control of the situation. In fact, as of today, June 5th 2008, the airline are intending to move more flights to that terminal as it is functioning a lot better now the original hiccups have been solved. This is especially good news for those who go on a lot of corporate travel because no doubt they have been seriously affected by all the problems Terminal 5 has suffered if they have been travelling a lot.


Some of the new destinations that flights from Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport will fly to include New York, Beijing and South Africa. These are some of the key destinations for the airport so the move is likely to benefit many passengers and make the operation of the airport a lot smoother for the staff. Regardless of whether people are on corporate travel or are going off on holiday, they are likely to be affected by this if they are flying to any of the destinations currently operating from Terminal 5.


BAA and British Airways are currently working very hard to complete the transfer of the remaining long haul flights to operate from the new terminal building. However, they don’t want to do this until it is practical so they can ensure that the change over goes smoothly and without any problems. They are well aware of the fact that they can’t afford anymore bad publicity and negativity about the extension of Heathrow Airport as they have had so much already.


It is more than likely that those who embark on a lot of corporate travel are going to be affected the most by the change – over. This is predominantly due to the fact that they travel a lot more frequently than someone who only goes on holiday once a year. However, now that most of the problems have been resolved at Terminal 5 it is hoped that these changes will be for the best.

The Business Travel Show Comes To London

Planning business travel can be a difficult and stressful task for many different reasons. One of the main ones being that there are so many different companies out there which makes it very difficult to try and decide which one to use. As well as this there is so much to organise that if you are trying to get on with your normal everyday tasks, it can all become too much and you either won’t get things done properly or won’t get them done at all.


One of the many things that can help you to make planning business travel a lot easier is by attending The Business Travel Show which will be in London from the 10th to the 12th February 2009. This event has been designed for people who are in charge of company travel and book all the business trips, hotels and meeting venues.


The travel show will be taking place in Earls Court, London and once there people will be able to see the finest business travel products and services from some of the world’s leading suppliers. This means that anyone attending the event will come to know who the good companies to use are and how to plan business travel in the most effective way. Not only will you feel more comfortable planning business trips but you will be able to organise them a lot quicker and easier.


There is so much for anyone who organises business travel to see and do at the event that it will definitely be a worthwhile experience. There are plenty of people giving out advice, tips and information to anybody who needs it so they can do their job a lot quicker and more efficiently. As well as this people will be able to see what’s new in the world of business travel, meet travel suppliers and best of all discover money and time saving tips. This not only makes your job easier but it is going to make your company very happy as well because they will be getting more out of their business travel than ever before.


If you would like more information about the Business Travel show you can find everything that you need on their website http://www.businesstravelshow.com. Here you will be able to register for the show, find out information about when and where it will be held as well as much more information about business travel that you may find helpful.  

Business Travel Made Easy With E – Tickets

As of June 1st 2008 business travel could not be easier for passengers as they no longer have to worry about losing their tickets before their flight. From now on all airlines who are members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) will only use electronic tickets for passengers checking in. This group makes up 94 percent of all airlines so therefore traditional paper tickets being used is going to become a rarity.


The use of e – tickets is no doubt going to make life a lot easier for many people, especially those who do a lot of business travel. Normally when your tickets come through you put them in a safe place but sometimes this is done so far in advance that by the time is comes to your travel date you have forgotten where you put your tickets. Whether you eventually find them or not it is a very stressful experience because there is absolutely no chance of getting on any flight without a ticket.


The majority of people who go on business travel don’t even book their own tickets as there is normally somebody else within the company who organises this. This can make it very difficult for the person who is actually flying to get the tickets if they are not in the office before they leave for their journey. However, with e – tickets this does not matter because all the information that is needed will be stored on the computer when you go to check in.


There are various other reasons why many airlines have decided to use e – tickets now rather than traditional paper tickets. As there is now more pressure than ever before for companies to be more environmentally friendly, not needing paper tickets anymore is going to be very beneficial to the environment. It is estimated that 50,000 trees can be saved every year simply by not needing to print tickets. As flying is constantly criticised for its contributions towards global warming environmentalists should be happy that so many airlines are doing whatever they can to help protect the environment now.


Regardless of whether people are going on business travel or holiday it is highly likely that everyone is going to benefit from the benefits of using e – tickets. However, it’s not just the passengers who are likely to benefit from these advantages because airlines are going to save billions of pounds worth of money when this new system has been introduced.

Update On In – Flight Mobile Phone Calls

Recent news has emerged that the use of mobile phones on aeroplanes is currently being tested. This has caused mixed reactions amongst travellers with some all for the idea and others strongly opposed to it. Professionals on business travel would be very happy if the option was introduced because it would mean that they are still able to contact colleagues and customers whilst travelling. However, some people find flying stressful enough without everyone’s mobile phones going off every five minutes.


Nevertheless, various airlines are currently testing out the idea to see if it could become an option in the near future. Air France is currently testing this out on one of their aircraft which flies within Europe. Part of the process involves distributing questionnaires to all their passengers regardless of whether they are on business travel or are off on holiday. This is in order to see if this is something they would want as a permanent feature and will heavily influence their decision as to whether they will allow it as a permanent thing on not. Although so far 80 percent of passengers are in favour of the move so it looks like in the near future all Air France passengers will be able to use their mobile phones on board.


However, there are some airlines that have no plans to allow mobile phone calls for the duration of the flight. Some of these are Air Malta, American Airlines and British Airways. There is a combination of reasons for this including the fact that they don’t want their customers to get annoyed, regulations state that phones can’t be used on board and some aircraft simply haven’t got suitable equipment to allow it.


BMI is set to begin testing the use of in – flight mobile phone calls very soon. However, they emphasise that this doesn’t mean that it will definitely become a permanent feature and will rely heavily on customer feedback as well.


This is more than likely going to see a divide between those on business travel and those going on holiday when it comes to which airlines are being used. Holiday makers are more likely to choose an airline that does not allow this facility whereas those on business travel are going to prefer an airline where they are still able to contact important sources.


On the whole it appears as though there have been very mixed reactions about whether you should be allowed to use mobile phones whilst flying. However, the common ground here is that airlines are keen to give their customers what they want regardless of whether they are jetting off for a relaxing holiday or are on business travel. This means that whatever happens it is likely that the majority of flyers are going to be left satisfied.

Business Travellers Want Internet Connection On Aeroplanes

For some people flying is an absolute joy because it is a way of escaping the world for the duration of the flight. No phone calls, no emails and no interruptions means that you can sit back and relax whilst watching television or reading a book. However, for others this is their worst nightmare, especially for those on business travel.


For most companies time is money and the time their employees are spending on an aeroplane un – contactable and unable to work, they are losing valuable costs. Bearing this is mind it is hardly surprising that recent research has revealed that 50 percent of business travellers want airlines to provide internet connection on board their flights. Whilst this would be great news for those on business travel because they can continue to work whist flying, it is likely to annoy other people who simply want to enjoy their flight in peace.


The survey also showed that there is a much larger demand for people wanting wireless internet connection on board compared to the number of people who want the use of mobile phones to be allowed. However, this is hardly surprising because the majority of people would agree that there would be nothing more frustrating that dozens of mobile phones going off in such an enclosed environment.


Being able to use the internet is unlikely to affect anyone though because those on business travel can be left to get on with their work and nobody would even notice the difference. However, it is not just passengers on business travel who would like to see this option introduced as those going on holiday would like to see this happen as well. With so much to do on the Internet now from social networking sites and emails to playing games and researching pretty much any topic in the world, it is likely to relieve hours of boredom for many passengers. This would be particularly handy for long haul flights where people get bored of watching television and reading.


Although the increase in modern technology means that less business travel is needed, the majority of employers still feel that a face to face meeting is more effective. With so many low budget airlines competing against each other to offer flyers the cheapest possible fairs, travelling within Europe has never been more popular. This means that as business travel continues to increase, so does the need for technological advancements. If the use of wireless Internet connection was introduced it is almost guaranteed that more employers will be sending their staff on business travel because they know that they won’t be losing valuable working hours whilst travelling.