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Travel Horror As Qantas Aircraft Is Forced To Land

Everyone has good trips and bad trips – travel doesn’t always go smoothly, whether it’s business travel or just for leisure but this morning there were reports of what could have ended as a real travel catastrophe. Next time you’re upset because your flight is delayed by fifteen minutes think back to what the plane full of passengers travelling from London to Melbourne must have felt when their holiday or flight home was brought to a frightening halt. Passengers claimed to hear a loud bang and soon after air rushed into the cabin.

Most passengers never pay much attention to the safety demonstrations before their flights, but most of these unlucky travellers certainly will if they have any desire to fly again; the cabin lost pressure and all on board had to wear oxygen masks as the plane made a rapid (and undoubtedly frightening) emergency landing. The aircraft landed safely, and it was found that the problem was a huge hole in the baggage compartment of the aircraft (almost 3 meters in width). News sources say passengers were, unsurprisingly, terrified and many were ill after seeing the damage done to the aircraft outside.

Of course this isn’t a regular event, but it’s a reminder that there is always a worse scenario when it comes to air travel.


Cyprus Adopts The Euro

The 1st January 2008 was a very memorable day for Cyprus as they officially joined the Euro after years of planning and preparation. Not only is this going to make it easier for people travelling to and from the island from other countries using the Euro, but many people see it as an excellent investment opportunity. As a result of this, many are bagging a cheap flight to Cyprus in order to get a slice of the action and to make some money. 

One of the main reasons why so many people have a sudden interest in the Island is because experts are predicting that once the Euro has been introduced property values will soar. This means that now is a great time to invest while prices are low so that when it comes to selling up, a healthy profit will be made. Judging by the number of people jetting off to Cyprus in recent months the race is on to buy property on the island before the Euro becomes the official tender.  

Another reason why everyone is in such a rush to purchase property in Cyprus before the end of the year is because a 15 percent VAT charge is to be added on all land transaction. This is bad news for purchasers as it adds extra costs. This means that those who are serious about making profits are getting a cheap flight to Cyprus now before they lose out on a great deal.  With rising incomes, low interest rates and an increase in infrastructure spending, growth is set to rise even further in Cyprus over the next few years.

Low cost airlines are even increasing the number of visitors to the island meaning that it is so easy to find a cheap flight to Cyprus. Its location is a main attraction for investors as it’s in the Mediterranean so enjoys year round pleasant weather which means that there is always going to be a demand for holiday homes and people wanting a cheap flight to Cyprus.

Buy – to – let investors who bought only a few years ago have seen investment gains and solid rental returns.  With its beautiful beaches, tropical weather, interesting culture and the ease of getting a cheap flight to Cyprus the island is already a firm favourite amongst tens of thousands of tourists every year. The move is predicted to provide further economic stability and may in itself provide an impetus for new investment. It will also further enhance Cyprus’s suitability as an international business centre meaning that clearly this is the place to be. 

Gary Rhodes Cooks in Grenada

Top celebrity chef Gary Rhodes is helping the Calabash hotel attract guests with his popular restaurant located within the resort. Those who are on package holiday tours of Grenada and are staying at the Calabash will be treated at Rhodes Restaurant with gourmet cuisine directed by the man himself.  

The resort, which is located in Lance aux Epines is beautiful and luxurious and set within the privacy of Prickly Bay at the southwest tip of the island. Rhodes Restaurant is everything you would expect from one of the chefs kitchens and is the finest eating establishment that he has opened abroad. The combination of local produce and spices which create an extra Caribbean twist make this restaurant a popular choice amongst tourists and locals.

Gary first came to the island of Grenada several years ago when he was visiting to film the television show Gary’s Spicy Kitchen in 1994. It was then that he struck up a close friendship with the owner of the Calabash hotel, Leo Garbutt. As both Leo and Gary are trained chefs they immediately formed a bond and set their sights on becoming the first restaurant with ‘personality chefs’ in the Caribbean. Gary was especially keen to work at the Calabash because he liked the fact that it’s a small, family-run business rather than part of a massive chain of hotels. This is perfect for people on package holiday tours of Grenada who prefer slightly quieter and more relaxed resorts.

Although he is not there all the time, Gary has a strong influence over what is going on at the restaurant and ensures that a solid training structure in place and there is consistency in all the dishes. He visits the hotel regularly and is involved in all aspects of the kitchen and restaurant. He is so determined to male Rhodes Restaurant one of the top places to eat in Grenada that one of his chefs, David Marshal is based there to oversee quality control. This is just yet another step to ensure that the quality of the food being served measures up to Gary’s high standards. He and many others worked on the cuisine and crew for one year to get everything in top shape and have modified local dishes to suit a demanding pallet.

A Grenadine restaurant with local dishes on the menu, having Rhodes on board is attracting returning and new guests every year. This is a definite must for a stopover for people on package holiday tours of Grenada.

Commonwealth Games 2010 expected to increase tourism in India

The Commonwealth Games 2010 which are to be held in Delhi are expected to bring in an extra five million tourists to India. Recent studies by the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) reveal that aviation, hospitality and tourism sectors should benefit immensely during the Commonwealth Games and the period before it.

People going on holiday close to the event, fans travelling specifically to go to the games and people going on South India package tours are contributing factors towards this increase. The last time that India hosted a high profile sporting event was during the winter of 1982 for the 9th Asian Games. Not only were the games a major success, India’s economy was in a good position as extra money was being spent in the country by tourists. India is hoping that this success is going to be repeated as they start preparing for the games which are due to start in three years time.   

According to ASSOCHAM, India will receive an estimated 10 million international foreign tourists in 2010. One million of these tourists are expected to be international and another four million are predicted to be domestic tourists. Amazingly, these figures are only for the period during the Commonwealth Games period in October. The period leading up to the games is going to have an even bigger impact on the country but over a wider period of time. The number of international passengers is expected to rise from 25 million from last year to 45 million by 2010 and the number of foreign tourists is also expected to rise from 4.43 percent to 10 percent. Evidently the aviation sector is also expected to witness a rise as they cater for the extra passenger numbers.

Over the next two years, 200 large commercial aircraft will be introduced to the Indian Skies. As well as this, several airports including Delhi, Nagpur, Mumbai and Bengalaru are to be modernised which is set to further increase this growth. It is thought that most of the tourists are going to come from Australia, the UK, Canada, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and South Africa as representations from these countries are likely to emerge as winners from the event.  

Not only are the Commonwealth Games going to benefit tourism, they are going to create extra jobs within the local community. Sectors such as airlines, airports, hotels, and tour operators are going to require extra staff as is the process of modernising and revamping airports around the country.

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