Turkish Property Investment Booming

Have you ever considered investing money in Turkey property? It is slowly growing to become a very popular investment destination, for the country has a very high growth potential. Currently, property prices are at an all time low, while the Turkish economy is showing signs of economic growth, having a strong economy. Turkey is also slated to be included inside the EU, sometime in the near future, thus having a high level of economic potential.

Investing in the stock market is easy, but far more dangerous when compared to the property market. Unless you are a seasoned stock broker, it is very difficult to make it big in the stock market. Property usually grows at a slower rate than the stock market, but property prices are always on the increase, and it rarely ever decreases in price. Real estate agents will often tell you that “Buy land, they aren’t making any more”. Nothing could be truer. Also stock markets are known to be quite volatile, where as property markets are known to be quite stable, and a safe alternative. Many investment funds are now investing in property to make their profits, even though there are no guarantees that the property will actually increase in value in the near future.

This is perhaps the best time to consider investing in Turkey for property, because Turkey has a vibrant economy which is all set to take off when Turkey joins the EU. Joining the EU will imply that the economy will take off in a big way with a lot of foreign investments coming in. Turkey also has a fast growing tourism industry which will enable the economy to grow faster, generating a greater demand for property, which will in turn drive up prices for property, increasing its valuation.

Turkey is also an excellent holiday destination with beautiful beaches and superb climatic conditions, far superior to most of the popular European holiday hotspots. This makes investing in Turkey all the more lucrative.

Turkish property is also priced very competitively and there are indications that the Turkish property market will appreciate considerably as flights to and from European destinations increase, along with mortgages and EU investments. However, Turkish property is not wholly reliant on foreign investment and it will continue to face growth based on internal demand as well which will see a spurt, once Turkey joins the EU.

To sum up the strongest arguments for Turkish property investment:

    * Potential for strong economic growth, leading to high returns on property. It is highly regarded by the WTO.
    * Natural beauty along with an excellent climate resulting in a popular holiday destination.
    * Turkish summers are longer with more daytime, thus having more productive hours than other European countries.
    * A large population helps to keep the economy strong, and does not make it reliant on foreign investment.
    * The population grows at approximately 2% per annum, and 70% of the population is younger than 30, which gives it a capable workforce and a strong local economy.
    * A popular tourist destination allows possibilities of buying and letting out.
    * Long summers, a healthy climate and a low cost of living make it a popular place to retire in for Europeans.


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