Why Buy Property in Paphos?

Many people who enjoy travelling eventually end up moving to a different part of the world – whether this is because they prefer the climate there, or perhaps the political system, more and more people are considering emigrating.

At the Cyprus coast in the southwestern region lies a beautiful chunk of land that is known as Paphos. According to history, Paphos was the commercial and information center of Cyprus. The local people believe that the town was built at the birthplace of the Greek legend goddess of love, Aphrodite. The old Paphos has not been entirely mixed up and disappeared with the new civilization and the city still has numerous landmarks and relics that show its ancient civilization and connections to the first beginnings of Christianity. However, 21st century civilization is also evident in the town in infrastructure like airports, roads and dams. This has been enabled by the government in conjunction with the local authority as a way to boot tourism in Paphos. There has been development of beautiful seaside villas, hotels and resorts in the town.

A majority of the residents of Paphos stay in Ktima where there are many apartments and shopping places. Most visitors and tourists stay in Kato where the hotels and resorts are many. Kato is built next to the old port and contains many entertainment spots and tourist activities like skiing.

For visitors and tourists, Paphos offers many exciting attraction sites to see. One of the major attractions is the Acropolis, an ancient landmark that is found near the town’s lighthouse. There are also the catacombs which date back centuries ago that tourists and visitors alike find attractive. At the entrance of the underground catacombs of Agia Solomon, a large pistachio tree welcomes visitors into the ancient history of Paphos. The Paphos Castle, Odeon Theater, Byzantine Museum and the District Archeological Museum are other landmarks that contribute to the exciting history of the town.

More tourist attractions include the Ayiois Neophytos monastery, church of Emba, Great Wall of Lemba, and the M/V Demetrois II wreckage.

Investors who are contemplating buying property in Paphos have good gaining opportunities because the choice to own Cyprus property offers high returns in investment. The town is a big tourist attraction site and is among the world’s cultural heritage sites that were designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). As the government steps up efforts to lure more visitors to Paphos, property value is expected to significantly rise as the demand for land to build hotels and other accommodation for tourists increases. At the moment, investors have a chance to grab this opportunity before property becomes too expensive or out of reach.


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  1. Over the weekend, the Greek-language newspaper Politis revealed the plans of four Russian investors who are looking to build a Disneyland-style tourist theme park at Pyla. At an estimated cost of €800 million the project would be the largest foreign capital investment ever made in Cyprus said Charilaos Stavrakis, the Minister of Finance.

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