How To Find Cheap Holidays

Not many people have a large disposable income but it is still nice to treat yourself to something every once in a while. This is especially the case when it comes to the summer and everyone is jetting off on their holidays. You’ll be surprised at the kind of holidays that you can find that won’t break the bank if you know the right places to look and take a few shortcuts.


One way of seriously reducing the costs of cheap holidays is to find a friend or family member who has a holiday home. If they are really generous they may let you stay there completely free of charge but even if they do charge you chances are it’s going to be a lot less than what you would pay to stay in a hotel. Another option is to visit friends you may have abroad who don’t mind you staying with them. Offer to repay the favour one day and chances are that they will be more than happy to let you stay around. Not paying for accommodation can save you an absolute fortune and could probably half the total cost of what you are spending on your time away.


If you don’t know anybody who lives abroad or who has a holiday home, then a very cheap form of accommodation is camping. Most people instantly dismiss the idea of camping because they imagine being in the middle of nowhere with no running water and toilet facilities. However, nearly every country you go to now has campsites that provide showers, toilets, shops, entertainment and even bars. As well as this, trying new experiences is fun and if you have children they are bound to love staying in a tent. If you are looking for cheap holidays then camping is an option that you should seriously consider because it is so much cheaper than staying in a hotel.


If it’s cheap holidays that you need then hostels may be your answer. They used to have a bad reputation of being dirty, smelly and crammed full of young teenagers. However, in recent years they have gone more upmarket and sometimes they can even be mistaken for hotels. If you are looking to go really cheap then you can opt to share a room with other people. If you prefer your own privacy then you and your guests can get your own rooms for an extra cost. Even by having your own room though you are still going to paying less than you normally would for your accommodation.


Cheap holidays are very easy to find if you are willing to compromise on a few luxuries. However, this doesn’t mean that you still won’t have a great time because you can still do all the things you would have done, the only difference will be where you are sleeping at night.


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