Holiday Makers Hold Out For Cheap Holidays

Thanks to the many bargains that you can find online and the sudden explosion of budget airlines, everyone is looking for cheap holidays. Gone are the days when you would go into a travel agent and book a holiday because nowadays people will spend hours going through various websites trying to find the best deals. People also used to book their summer holiday way in advance whereas now everyone thinks that if they hold out until the last minute they are going to get cheap holidays.


A survey of 25,000 British holiday makers revealed that most of them haven’t yet booked their summer break because they are leaving it for as long as possible so they can get a bargain. However, experts state that those who are holding out until the last minute often find themselves disappointed because they can’t get the cheap holidays that they thought they would be able to. Whereas it is possible to pick up some great last minute deals, smart travellers know that the earlier they book the flights the cheaper they are going to be.


A tip to remember when it comes to finding cheap holidays is that you can usually find bargain holidays a few days before the travel date when you are dealing with traditional tour operator packages. However, when it comes to flights and tailor made holidays you are better off booking way in advance because you will be able to find much better deals.


Interestingly, the survey also revealed that less and less people are taking two week holidays. This may be down to the fact that people are in more debt than ever before and therefore can’t afford it. Another explanation for this trend could also be because people are taking less and less time off work and are spending longer hours in the office. It was also found that just over a fifth of people take less than a week for their holidays now which means that city breaks have become very popular when it comes to looking for cheap holidays.


Regardless of what kind of holiday you are looking for, where you want to go and how long you want to go for, chances are that you will be able to find cheap holidays to suit your budget. The trick is to be patient and be prepared to spend some time looking through all the different websites. Once you have done this there is no doubt that you will be able to find a holiday that suits you perfectly.


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