UK Airports Set To Get Long Awaited Revamp

Whether you travel frequently through corporate travel or just jet off once a year on holiday, there is no denying that everyone finds travel much more enjoyable when they are going from a well kept airport. Not only does the general cleanliness affect people’s travels but the facilities available such as bars, restaurants, shops and waiting areas can make a massive difference to how enjoyable someone’s flight can be.


Although the bulk of UK airports are looked after very well and have enough to keep holiday makers and those on corporate travel entertained, they have long been waiting for the funds to revamp themselves. There has recently been good news for Heathrow and Stanstead Airports as BAA has secured £7.65 billion for the two airports to get redeveloped.


Amongst the changes that are expected to take place include the building of Heathrow East which is set to replace Terminals 1 and 2 and the expansion of Stanstead Airport. This is great news for holiday makers and those on corporate travel because it means that there will be more flights and more facilities which will make flying a lot more enjoyable for everyone.


There have also recently been talks about raising more funds for another loan so that Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton Airports can all be revamped. These things take a lot of time to get the funding, the building plans approved and the work to actually get completed so it is unlikely that these changes will be made anytime soon.


However, once the various airports around the UK have been refurbished then everyone from those on corporate travel to those going on holiday are likely to see the benefits. The general day to day operation of all the airports is likely to improve as well as the facilities will be better. This hopefully means that people will be able to check in and get onto their flights as quickly and easily as possible. This is particularly great news for those who do a lot of corporate travel because no doubt they get sick of being in and out of airports all the time.


With great new facilities though and easy check in systems even people who do a lot of corporate travel will find the process so easy that they won’t mind doing this. As well as this it also means that holiday makers can get their journey off to a better start as they won’t have to deal with any hassles when it comes to checking in at the airport.  


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