Business Travel Made Easy With E – Tickets

As of June 1st 2008 business travel could not be easier for passengers as they no longer have to worry about losing their tickets before their flight. From now on all airlines who are members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) will only use electronic tickets for passengers checking in. This group makes up 94 percent of all airlines so therefore traditional paper tickets being used is going to become a rarity.


The use of e – tickets is no doubt going to make life a lot easier for many people, especially those who do a lot of business travel. Normally when your tickets come through you put them in a safe place but sometimes this is done so far in advance that by the time is comes to your travel date you have forgotten where you put your tickets. Whether you eventually find them or not it is a very stressful experience because there is absolutely no chance of getting on any flight without a ticket.


The majority of people who go on business travel don’t even book their own tickets as there is normally somebody else within the company who organises this. This can make it very difficult for the person who is actually flying to get the tickets if they are not in the office before they leave for their journey. However, with e – tickets this does not matter because all the information that is needed will be stored on the computer when you go to check in.


There are various other reasons why many airlines have decided to use e – tickets now rather than traditional paper tickets. As there is now more pressure than ever before for companies to be more environmentally friendly, not needing paper tickets anymore is going to be very beneficial to the environment. It is estimated that 50,000 trees can be saved every year simply by not needing to print tickets. As flying is constantly criticised for its contributions towards global warming environmentalists should be happy that so many airlines are doing whatever they can to help protect the environment now.


Regardless of whether people are going on business travel or holiday it is highly likely that everyone is going to benefit from the benefits of using e – tickets. However, it’s not just the passengers who are likely to benefit from these advantages because airlines are going to save billions of pounds worth of money when this new system has been introduced.


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