Update On In – Flight Mobile Phone Calls

Recent news has emerged that the use of mobile phones on aeroplanes is currently being tested. This has caused mixed reactions amongst travellers with some all for the idea and others strongly opposed to it. Professionals on business travel would be very happy if the option was introduced because it would mean that they are still able to contact colleagues and customers whilst travelling. However, some people find flying stressful enough without everyone’s mobile phones going off every five minutes.


Nevertheless, various airlines are currently testing out the idea to see if it could become an option in the near future. Air France is currently testing this out on one of their aircraft which flies within Europe. Part of the process involves distributing questionnaires to all their passengers regardless of whether they are on business travel or are off on holiday. This is in order to see if this is something they would want as a permanent feature and will heavily influence their decision as to whether they will allow it as a permanent thing on not. Although so far 80 percent of passengers are in favour of the move so it looks like in the near future all Air France passengers will be able to use their mobile phones on board.


However, there are some airlines that have no plans to allow mobile phone calls for the duration of the flight. Some of these are Air Malta, American Airlines and British Airways. There is a combination of reasons for this including the fact that they don’t want their customers to get annoyed, regulations state that phones can’t be used on board and some aircraft simply haven’t got suitable equipment to allow it.


BMI is set to begin testing the use of in – flight mobile phone calls very soon. However, they emphasise that this doesn’t mean that it will definitely become a permanent feature and will rely heavily on customer feedback as well.


This is more than likely going to see a divide between those on business travel and those going on holiday when it comes to which airlines are being used. Holiday makers are more likely to choose an airline that does not allow this facility whereas those on business travel are going to prefer an airline where they are still able to contact important sources.


On the whole it appears as though there have been very mixed reactions about whether you should be allowed to use mobile phones whilst flying. However, the common ground here is that airlines are keen to give their customers what they want regardless of whether they are jetting off for a relaxing holiday or are on business travel. This means that whatever happens it is likely that the majority of flyers are going to be left satisfied.


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  1. Oh no. No, no, no, no, no. It is bad enough on trains but on planes too?!?! Can anyone recommend a pair of good ear plugs?

    This will explain my concerns:


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