Business Travellers Want Internet Connection On Aeroplanes

For some people flying is an absolute joy because it is a way of escaping the world for the duration of the flight. No phone calls, no emails and no interruptions means that you can sit back and relax whilst watching television or reading a book. However, for others this is their worst nightmare, especially for those on business travel.


For most companies time is money and the time their employees are spending on an aeroplane un – contactable and unable to work, they are losing valuable costs. Bearing this is mind it is hardly surprising that recent research has revealed that 50 percent of business travellers want airlines to provide internet connection on board their flights. Whilst this would be great news for those on business travel because they can continue to work whist flying, it is likely to annoy other people who simply want to enjoy their flight in peace.


The survey also showed that there is a much larger demand for people wanting wireless internet connection on board compared to the number of people who want the use of mobile phones to be allowed. However, this is hardly surprising because the majority of people would agree that there would be nothing more frustrating that dozens of mobile phones going off in such an enclosed environment.


Being able to use the internet is unlikely to affect anyone though because those on business travel can be left to get on with their work and nobody would even notice the difference. However, it is not just passengers on business travel who would like to see this option introduced as those going on holiday would like to see this happen as well. With so much to do on the Internet now from social networking sites and emails to playing games and researching pretty much any topic in the world, it is likely to relieve hours of boredom for many passengers. This would be particularly handy for long haul flights where people get bored of watching television and reading.


Although the increase in modern technology means that less business travel is needed, the majority of employers still feel that a face to face meeting is more effective. With so many low budget airlines competing against each other to offer flyers the cheapest possible fairs, travelling within Europe has never been more popular. This means that as business travel continues to increase, so does the need for technological advancements. If the use of wireless Internet connection was introduced it is almost guaranteed that more employers will be sending their staff on business travel because they know that they won’t be losing valuable working hours whilst travelling.


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