Tips On How To Get Upgraded When Flying

Whether you are jetting off on holiday or business travel chances are that you wouldn’t say no to being upgraded to first club. Unfortunately airlines don’t just offer this to their customers but there are a few tips you can use to try and get upgraded which will no doubt make your flight more enjoyable.


The reason why upgrades normally happen is because airlines normally overbook their flights. The reason for this is because they have to take into consideration that there are going to be some cancellations and people not turning up. When the passengers do turn up they need space to fit everyone in, hence why they upgrade some people. This is particularly great for those who do a lot of business travel because it’s something a bit different from travelling in economy.


The first thing to do is join the airlines frequent flyer programme. This is something you have probably already done if you frequently go on business travel because you earn points for every mile of travel you do with the airline. Members of the frequent flyer programmes have priority when it comes to getting upgraded so if they do need to upgrade anyone they will check to see who is a member first.


Simply being nice to the person who checks you in can work wonders as well. Although they normally do not have the authority to upgrade anyone themselves, they can put a message in the system saying that if there are any upgrades you would like to be included. Being upgraded can be a great start to a holiday and is great for those on business travel because there is so much extra space to do some work if you need to.


Being dressed suitably can also help you to get upgraded. However, most people think that this is the most important thing but being a member of the frequent flyer club and being nice to the person at the check in desk is much more likely to see you sitting in first class. However, looking the part does help which is something which shouldn’t be a problem for those on business travel who are likely to be dressed smartly anyway.


Being upgraded is not easy and chances of it happening to you more than once are slim. Therefore if you are successful and manage to sit in first class then make sure you enjoy the experience.


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