Investment Property In Polis and Latchi, Cyprus

If you are one of those people who are lucky enough to have some money saved away and are able to afford to buy some investment property, then chances are that you are going to have a secure nest egg for the future. Investment property is a great way of not only setting some money aside that you won’t spend, but if you buy in the right places then you can also make a substantial amount of profit when it comes to selling the property on.


Deciding where to buy property abroad can be a tough task because there are hundreds of countries to choose from and they all have their benefits. One of the most popular places however is Cyprus and it is set to become yet even more popular. This makes it the perfect place to buy investment property because it means that if you buy now, house prices will go up within the next couple of years so when it comes to selling on you are very likely to make a large profit.


Polis and Latchi and two very popular resorts within Cyprus that a lot of people choose when it comes to finding investment property. Polis is ideal for those who are looking for something a bit more secluded and enjoy being surrounded by nature. It is a historic town which is surrounded by untouched natural beauty and has the Akamas national park very nearby. Residents and holiday makers will also be able to see gorges, valleys and underground caves which surround the village and attract lots of tourists every year.


Polis is a relaxed town so is perfect for those looking for somewhere quieter to relocate to or go on holiday to. There are many coffee shops and restaurants which are surrounded by sandy bays, rocky outcrops and breathtaking mountains. Although there is plenty to keep anyone entertained there you will not find a heaving nightlife with youngsters pouring out into the streets early in the mornings. This is perfect for those looking into investment property somewhere a bit quieter where you can enjoy peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings.


Latchi is a beautiful fishing harbour which boasts a collection of shops, fish tavernas, tourist facilities and bars. Again it is quieter and more relaxed than some of the more lively resorts in Cyprus so is perfect for those looking for a quieter holiday or lifestyle. The village is proving to be one of the most up and coming areas in Cyprus when it comes to investment property and therefore property price is increasing which is great for those who are looking to make a profit on holiday homes.


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