Property Investment In Larnaca, Cyprus

Property investment has long been a favourite method for many people when it comes to deciding where to put their money. Not only is it one of the most secure ways of investing, but owning a property abroad has many other advantages as well. However, choosing a country is hard enough when deciding where to relocate or have a holiday home. Once you have chosen your destination though it is even harder to decide exactly where in the country you should buy your home.


Cyprus is becoming an ever increasingly popular destination when it comes to property investment. There are so many different reasons for this from the vast array of activities there is on offer to the cheaper and more affordable lifestyle that can be led out there. Larnaca is one of the resorts that has become particular popular amongst holiday makers and those looking into property investment because it is such an up and coming place.


Larnaca is one of the major towns in Cyprus which means that there is lots to do there from sightseeing and lying on the beach to shopping and eating in restaurants. Not many people are aware of the fact that it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and therefore has plenty of historical sightseeing on offer. This is perfect for those who love exploring new places and finding out their history.


The resort attracts a lot of people looking into property development who are yacht owners. The reason for this is because Larnaca has a 450 yacht capacity marina and there are also plans for a new port for cruise ships in the near future. Even those who don’t own a yacht like the idea of living near a marina because it provides beautiful views and plenty of opportunities to go out on boat trips.


Larnaca is an ideal place for anyone looking into property investment because it has so much potential and promise for the future. The well known branded stores, quirky local shops, inviting cafes, ocean views and beautiful beaches mean that tourists are desperate to holiday in the resort. This means that there will always be a demand for property there which is great news for those who buy property and rent it out while they are not staying there. It is also ideal for when it comes to selling the property on because house prices are likely to increase as the popularity of the resort does.


2 responses to “Property Investment In Larnaca, Cyprus

  1. British retirees are among the most active group in seeking a new life abroad where they can afford to have a decent standard of living

    Despite the fact that the Republic of Cyprus is now in the European Union and the Euro Zone, (i.e., its currency is the euro), it is our number one pick for Britons seeking an affordable place to retire overseas. It charges a maximum of 5% income tax on pension income – meaning that it is far cheaper to live in Cyprus even with the pound buying fewer euros these days.

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