The Kind Of Lifestyle To Expect When Living In Cyprus

Relocating abroad has become a very popular option for many people in the UK over the last decade or so. There are many reasons for this but it is mostly down to the expensive cost of living, increase in price of everything and the fact that people want to move somewhere where they can enjoy year round sunshine. Taking this into account it is hardly surprising that so many people move to Cyprus when the island enjoys over 340 days of sunshine every year.


Another reason why Cyprus is such a popular destination for those moving abroad is because there is not that much of a culture difference to what you find in the UK. The vast majority of the population speak English and road signs are normally in both English and Greek as well. This makes communicating with locals and other people in Cyprus very easy as there is no language barrier. As well as this, their legal system is based on the British system which makes buying a property in Cyprus relatively straightforward and stress free.


The cost of living in Cyprus is much lower than that of the UK. Everything from houses and cars to groceries and eating out is a lot cheaper which means that you definitely get more for your money on the island. This is one of the major reasons why so many people are relocating there because they can lead a much more enjoyable lifestyle and money concerns aren’t so much of an issue.


Cyprus offers a very high standard of healthcare and each town has its own Government hospital as well as numerous private clinics and hospitals. People usually feel more assured when they realise that all Cypriot doctors have qualified abroad, most in the UK or other major European cities.  


Another one of the many perks of living in Cyprus is the fact that they have an excellent education system. The schools are available to all residents on the island and parents have the choice of sending their children to either Greek or international schools. There are even a number of universities which are linked with institutions in both the UK and USA.


There are so many positive points about Cyprus that it really is not surprising that so many people are choosing to relocate there. Whether people choose to live there permanently or simply purchase a holiday home so they can visit the island a few times a year there is no doubt that anyone who does so will fall in love with Cyprus.


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