Europe Is Top Destination For Property Investment

A recent study has revealed that six out of the top 10 most popular property investment destinations are located within Europe. It seems as though the likes of Spain, France, Cyprus and Italy are still firm favourites amongst investors when it comes to deciding where to spend their hard earned money.


The study also noticed that there has been an increase in the number of people under 40 who are getting into property investment. Traditionally the market has been dominated by retirees who want a holiday home or to move abroad after giving up work. Although they will always make up a large segment of the market, it is now no longer unusual for someone under the age of 40 to own property abroad.


The reason for the increase in the number of younger investors is because people are wising up to the benefits of property investment as they realise this is a great way of securing their future. The top five destinations are all well – known cities where people are pretty much guaranteed a return on their investment.


Buying property in up and coming holiday hot spots is a sure fire way to make a large amount of profit when it comes to property investment. Chances are that house prices are currently still reasonably priced in the area but once more and more people buy homes and holiday there, house prices are going to shoot up. This means that those who were lucky enough to get in there before the prices increased are going to make a significant amount of money out of their investment.


It is not hard to see why Europe is such a popular destination for those looking into property investment. The most popular choices such as Cyprus, Italy and Spain all enjoy warm climates throughout the year, are significantly cheaper than the UK and offer plenty to do in the form of entertainment. This is further fuelled by the fact that flights within Europe seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper as more budget airlines fight to compete with each other. This means that anyone with property abroad doesn’t have to spend an absolute fortune in air travel going back and forth.


Property investment can also make a great second income for those who don’t choose to live in the apartment, house or villa. Renting the property out is the perfect way of getting your foot on the property ladder in a foreign country. The money made from doing this may even pay off the costs of the entire property which means when it comes to selling it on the money you get for it will be entirely profit.


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