Will mobile phones on aeroplanes affect corporate travel?

Last year it was announced that new technology may soon be in place that will enable travellers to make in – flight calls. Holiday makers and those on corporate travel will be able to do this without affecting the cockpit’s communication and navigation systems. Whilst this sounds like great news to some, others are horrified by the idea and are protesting to ensure that this never happens.


Those in favour of the new technology being introduced feel that it could be massively beneficial to corporate travel. Those who fly out on business travel frequently lose a lot of valuable hours when flying because they are excluded from the rest of the world. Being able to talk on their mobile phones while flying will be able to save companies a lot of time and money as business will be able to continue as normal even when their employees are flying.


Many travellers are strongly opposing the introduction of mobile phones on flights and are protesting hard to prevent it from happening. A lot of people feel that flying is the one time they can escape the rest of the world whether they are flying out on holiday or corporate travel. Having access to mobile phones on board means that you can be contacted at any time which some people don’t actually like.


People are also worried about the increase in noise of ringing telephones and people talking on their mobiles. This will be especially the case in business class where a lot of people on corporate travel are likely to be on the phone a lot discussing business. As aeroplanes are such a confined environment people are going to find this especially annoying as they will be able to hear other people’s conversations.


In a bid to keep everyone happy many compromises have already been mentioned. Some people suggest a separate compartment for those who want to talk on their mobiles so they don’t disturb those who are trying to sleep or just want some peace. Another solution is the fact that cabin crew will have complete control over the system and can therefore deactivate it at night. This means that nobody will have to worry about someone talking loudly on their phone while they are trying to sleep.


Whether people are jetting off on holiday or are on corporate travel there are likely to be a lot of mixed reactions about being able to use mobile phones on aeroplanes. The system hasn’t been introduced as of yet but there are talks about introducing trials in the near future.  


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