Travel Agents Set To Benefit From 2010 Commonwealth Games

travel agents set to benefit from 2010 commonwealth gamesTravel agents all around the world are set to benefit from the 2010 Commonwealth games which are taking place in Delhi, India. As tourists battle to get a piece of the action there will be a sudden increase in demand for flights to India which means that companies can raise their prices. This is great news for travel agents because the games are taking place in October which is normally a quiet time for tour operators as everyone has just come back from their summer holidays.


However, it is not just travel agents outside of India who are likely to benefit from the Commonwealth Games. It is highly likely that tour operators within the hosting country are going to be offering various different trips for those who have come to see the games. Excursions which will enable tourists to see some of the country while they are there are likely to soar in popularity while the event is taking place.


Travel agents aren’t the only ones likely to benefit from the Commonwealth Games taking place as the increase in tourism is going to have a massive impact on India’s economy and local businesses. Hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions are almost guaranteed an increase in business for the period just before, during and after the event is taking place. Not only does this bring in more money for these businesses but it means that more staff are going to have to be employed to cope with the demand. A demand for new employees is going to come at a great advantage to India’s local community who are searching for work.


It is unlikely that those attending the Commonwealth Games from various places all around the world are going solely for that purpose and therefore it is likely that they will be visiting various parts of the country. This means that it is not just the event that will be making lots of money but local businesses and services around the area will be as well. Local travel agents are likely to offer special trips for those who need a day away from the games and want to explore more of India.


The Commonwealth Games 2010 take place from the 3rd until the 14th October and will include a wide range of sporting activities from aquatics, archery and athletics to cycling, gymnastics, rugby and wrestling. There will be various different venues where all of the events will be taking place as well.

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