The Problems With Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 building has caused controversy since the plans to build it were first announced. It stirred mixed emotions with environmentalists and local residents who are against the increased noise, pollution and traffic that it is going to bring. However, others, especially those who participate in a lot of business travel every year, feel that an extra terminal building is a wise move on behalf of British Airways. The reason for this is because it is hoped that the extension will help to ease the pressure of the increasing number of travellers passing through Heathrow Airport every year.


Since Heathrow Terminal 5 opened on March 27 2008 British Airways have faced nothing but problems and criticism from holiday makers and those on business travel. Whilst it is clear that the airport is simply experiencing teething problems with its new addition, a lot of travellers have been left feeling angry.


One of the main problems has been with the baggage handling systems which has meant that luggage has had to be sorted manually. Not only did this entail long delays for those trying to check in but it also resulted in hundreds of people losing their luggage. No doubt this got holiday makers’ journey off to an upsetting staff and created major problems for those on business travel. However, BAA took full responsibility for the loss of anyone luggage and did everything possible to try and rectify the problem so that the airline could start to function as normal again.


The problems that Heathrow Terminal 5 had with their baggage systems resulted in dozens of flights being cancelled as well. It is thought that one of the main causes of all the problems the new terminal has faced is due to staff confusion. Many of the staff were unfamiliar with the building and systems they were using which no doubt added to the delays and inaccuracies that occurred.


Just when BAA thought that there couldn’t be any more problems for Heathrow Terminal 5, the recent snow led to more than 100 flights being cancelled. This affected travel plans for holiday makers and those on business travel who were left feeling stressed, upset and stranded. Although the bad weather is out of the control of anyone and flights were affected throughout the whole of Europe, this was hassle that staff could have done without after an already stressful week.


Although Heathrow is facing many problems regarding the opening of Terminal 5 they hope to have everything up and running as planned very shortly. This means that holiday makers and those on business travel can continue with their journeys quickly and stress free.


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