Training For Cycling Holidays

training for cycling holidaysCycling holidays are a unique and interesting way of taking a holiday. They are perfect if you are bored with the typical holiday break which includes mainly sitting on a beach and maybe going sightseeing. Some people prefer to be more active and get bored of sitting around which is why cycling holidays are perfect for them.


Not everyone who goes on cycling holidays is super fit and some don’t even cycle all that much. If you are one of those people then it is wise to get some preparation and training in beforehand so you don’t struggle while you are away. Generally cycling holidays are aimed at everyone from all abilities and fitness levels so they aren’t going to be too hardcore but you are more likely to enjoy it if you have a reasonably good fitness level.


When training for cycling holidays you don’t even need to ride a bike to get fit. However, this is the recommended form of exercise because then once you are on your holiday you will know what you are capable of and how hard you can push yourself. Any exercise such as running, going to the gym, swimming, walking and doing exercise dvds will get your heart pumping and will therefore help to improve your fitness.


If you do choose cycling as your preferred method of getting fit for your cycling holidays then how you go about it depends on how much you currently exercise. If you never exercise and you haven’t done for a long time then it is better to start off slow and build your way up. Start at a slow pace for about 20 minutes and then gradually you can get faster and faster and also increase your distance. It won’t be long before you notice that you will be able to cycle for much longer distances than you could when you first started your training.


If you are a regular fitness fanatic then training for cycling holidays shouldn’t be a problem and you should quickly get the hang of it. However, even if you are very fit but cycling isn’t something that you normally do, it is still important to get some practice in before you go on your break. This is because whereas you may find jogging really easy, you may find that you struggle a bit with cycling.


One of the best things about cycling holidays is not only are they fun and exciting but it is also a great way to get fit and stay in shape whilst you are on holiday.

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