Battle Of The Online Travel Agents

battle of the online travel agentsGone are the days where if you wanted to book a holiday you had to trek around dozens of high street travel agents. Nowadays flights, accommodation, rental cars and activities can all be booked online at the click of a button.

However, this means that the battle of online corporate travel management companies is heating up in a bid to fight for customers. There are thousands of pounds being thrown at product development, sales and marketing to get customers’ business all over the world.

Booking your travel requirements through an online corporate travel management company is a lot quicker and easier than going into shop and the range of products available on the internet increases every day.

In a bid to attract customers and stand out from each other many companies are employing new tactics so that people choose their company. One of the biggest changes taking place is a move towards dynamic packaging. This is a new option available where people can book a complete holiday package rather than individual components when using an online agent.

This attracts people because it saves a lot of time and money because instead of booking the air fare, accommodation, transfers and activities separately, people can click on one button and book a complete holiday package. This is likely to save the customer money as well as they are booking everything through one company rather than several different ones.

However, it is going to be quite difficult for an online corporate travel management company to get customers to go for these packages as they have previously taught people to shop around for the best deals. As a result it is going to be harder to get someone to commit to buying a whole package. As well as this, these complete packages only state the end price, not the individual price. This may make people cynical because they want a breakdown of the prices so they know how much they are paying for everything.

Another trend that is emerging is that people are using an online corporate travel management company to book their air fares in advance so that they are very cheap but then hold out when it comes to booking their accommodation so that they can get the best deals.

It seems like people are becoming wiser about booking holidays online and now know all the tricks to get cheap holidays when using an online travel agent. Perhaps this is why so many people now use this method as they know they can get the best deals.

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