Menorca Tourism Set To Increase

menorca tourism set to increaseMenorca has always been a popular holiday destination amongst holiday makers from all over the world. This is more than likely due to the tropical climate, beautiful beaches and abundance of activities available. Unsurprisingly this has also led to an increase in the number of people buying Menorca villas because they can see the potential in investing in homes in holiday hot spots.

The level of tourism is set to increase further as it has been announced that coming up to the summer season more flights are going to be flying to and from the island.  Not only does this mean that more people can holiday there because there is more availability, but it also means that people are more likely to go there because it is easily accessible.

This can only be good news for holiday makers as airlines are no doubt going to start competing against each other in order to offer the lowest air fares. This as well is likely to increase the number of people buying Menorca villas because it is clearly an up and coming place that is going to see a lot of tourists visiting in the next couple years.

Whereas previously holiday makers could only fly to the island from the major UK airports there is now a much better selection. Flights are now available from London Gatwick, Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport, Manchester, Bristol and Newcastle. This means that people who may have wanted to go to Menorca before but couldn’t now can. This is ideal for those who simply want to holiday there or who are interested in investing in Menorca villas.

Although the new flights will see an increase in the level of tourism on Menorca, tourist authorities are keen to make sure that the island keeps it reputation as a relaxing holiday destination. It is currently popular with families, couples and groups of friends who are keen to take some time out and escape the stresses of everyday life. The island is less busy than some of its neighbours such as Ibiza and is keen not to turn into a resort filled with young party animals.

This is more than likely one of the many reasons why so many people are interested in buying Menorca villas because the country offers the perfect combination of everything you want for a holiday. There is plenty to do yet you are not faced with hundreds of clubbers filling the streets until the early hours of the morning.

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