zanteZante has two very different sides to it; the hustle and bustle of the busy club scene and the historical and cultural aspect which appeals to those with an ‘explorer’ extinct in them. Whichever category you are in, the beauty and tradition of the island is likely to capture the hearts of all those who visit Zante.



Zante offers everything you would expect from one of the Greek islands – swimming, water – sports, bowling, tennis and much more. As well as this there are plenty of boat tours available from local tour operators.



Zante is a lively and energetic island offering a vast array of bars and clubs. Argasi and Laganas are the liveliest resorts which are more suitable for the younger crowd. Laganas is the centre of the clubbing scene with popular places including Pink Panther, Zeros and Cocktails and Dreams. As well as this there are dozens of bars and clubs along the Laganas strip providing a range of different music. This definitely is not the place to go if you want a good night’s sleep but you are guaranteed fun and excitement.

Eating Out


You will find a large assortment of restaurants in Zante. There are plenty of places to get traditional British food and the all important cooked breakfast the morning after the night before. If you fancy something a bit diverse, whichever resort you are at you will find traditional Greek restaurants along the seafront. This provides beautiful views as the sun goes down and in traditional Greek style the atmosphere is friendly and full of spirit. Customary music and dancing will be put on with guests encouraged to take part.

Where to Stay


If you are going to Zante to party then Argasi and Laganas are recommended as you will be right in the centre of everything. Laganas strip has many hotels which are close to shops, clubs, pubs, restaurants and the beach.


Some of the quieter family resorts are Alikanas, Kalamaki and Vassilikos. All of these resorts offer a variety of hotels, apartments and villas. Many of them offer facilities for children and provide activities to keep them busy in the day while parents relax by the pool.



Famous for its turtles, a turtle boat trip is a must. These can be booked through local tour operators which normally have offices located along busy streets. The prices are reasonable and most companies guarantee you will see turtles or you get your money back.  You can also book boat trips to the Blue Caves which are famous for their stunning shade of blue seas and rock formations. Some tour operators let you jump off the boat and swim around the caves.


The most famous beach in Zante is Smugglers Cove. The crystal clear waters and white sand creates stunning scenery along this private and secluded beach. You can only access the beach by boat but it’s well worth the trip as you can explore the ship wreck that was washed up onto the shore over 20 years ago.


One of Zante’s best kept secrets is the island of Agios Sostis at the southern tip of Laganas Bay. It is accessible through a walkway which makes a pleasant walk to the island. There is a club on the island called Cameo Club. However, the real beauty is the surprise you have when you arrive on the island. A beautiful, secluded and quiet beach is complimented by a live DJ and bar providing all kinds of refreshments. It’s hard to believe you’re only minutes away from the madness of Laganas when you’re relaxing on this stunning and picturesque beach.

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