skiathosSkiathos is one of the Greek Islands which is covered in thick pine forest and is considered to be a protected environment. It’s very popular, especially around July and August when it’s very hot and there’s lots to do.


The waters around Skiathos are a paradise for sailors, making it a popular activity with locals and tourists. Motorboats can be hired to go visit and explore neighbouring islands which provides a unique and interesting day out. As well as this the usual water sports and sporting activities are available.


Skiathos town is an international, energetic place with enough bars, pubs and clubs to keep everyone happy. You will find traditional British pubs filled with English holiday makers but also traditional Greek bars and classy jazz and blues clubs.

Most of the bars and clubs are located in Papadiamantis. Bar Street is full of British tourists and residents whilst Stones and the Apothiki Music Hall play traditional Greek music so are more likely to be filled with locals.

Eating Out

Eating out in Skiathos is more expensive than it is on some of the less developed Greek islands and it’s harder to find traditional food as it’s so full of tourists. There are a few places you can get typical Greek food, such as in Psaradika where all the locals go.

If it’s not local food you’re after then it’s easy to find restaurants and cafes around the towns and villages.

Where to Stay

Hotels are graded from A down to E with A -class hotels providing top of the range facilities and E – class only offering the most basic accommodation. There are around 350 campsites around Skiathos which means those of you on a budget won’t struggle for somewhere to stay.

If you’re looking for something different and adventurous, mountain refuges are located in stunning settings such as Evia. Self – catering apartments are becoming increasingly popular as the number of youngsters booking package holidays increases. These apartments normally have swimming pools, sporting facilities and other activities on offer.


Skotini is very impressive with a small opening into a 20 – foot cave with many sandy coves to explore. It is recommended you get a boat to do this so you can spend a couple hours exploring at your own pace.

Skiathos is known for its beautiful beaches and this is one of the many reasons people go there. The most famous is Koukounaries which is a horse – shoe shaped bay on the southern tip of the island.

If you want to see the island’s hidden secrets and find out about its history and culture, you can take a guided walk to the Kounistra Monastery or the Evangelistra Monastery, or a guided tour of the island that is a mix of walks and travel on a mini-bus travel.

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