maltaConsisting of seven islands in the middle of the Mediterranean, its tropical climate and abundance of things to do means Malta is a popular holiday destination. The combination of interesting history and modern culture makes it an intriguing place to visit.


The usual holiday activities are available at all resorts as well as a few less traditional ways to keep busy. Rock climbing and open water and cave diving are amongst the most popular. As you are almost guaranteed sunshine in the summer months swimming and the beach are always options.


There is so much to do at night – time in Malta. Classic and modern theatres are usually held outdoors or in historic venues which helps create a romantic atmosphere for all.

Although not known for clubbing, it is fast becoming the next up – and – coming place. Top international DJs are staring to appear at Paceville and St. Julian’s which are the busiest and most popular places for clubbing.

Something for everyone to enjoy are the summer fiestas. With fireworks, food and plenty of entertainment it’s likely to be one of the highlights of your holiday in Malta.

Eating Out

The combination between the native islanders and the many visitors who have made Malta their home means that Maltese cuisine has become an eclectic mix of Mediterranean cooking. Traditionally it is similar to Italian food, however, roasts are becoming increasingly popular even amongst local residents.

Da Pippo Trattoria is a favourite among locals and serves a variety of Maltese and Sicilian dishes. For the ultimate in fine dining, you will not be disappointed with TaFrenc Restaurant in Gozo which is set in an old farmhouse. Most cafes are open all day to serve light snacks, coffee and wine.

Where to Stay

Marsascala is a popular family resort with rocky coves and sandy beaches. There are activities, restaurants and shops to entertain parents and children.

Naxxar is full of historical and cultural interest and has played a role in major events in Malta’s history. There are a variety of good hotels available at decent prices.

St. Julian’s is most likely to appeal to those who like it a bit more lively and are there for the nightlife more than anything else.


The Place of Giants in Xaghra dates from about 3600 BC and boasts the most enchanting village square in the country. It is one of the top rated attractions in Malta so is definitely worth a visit.

If you want to be impressed by some of the best and beautiful natural harbours in the world, take a trip to Valletta, which is also the capital. There is lots to do but there are also other attractions nearby if you want to move on.

Other Info

There are open – air markets open once a week in most towns and villages so keep an eye out locally for when these are on as you can often find good bargains there.

Malta has been endorsed by the US State Department as one of the safest holiday destinations in the world.

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