lisbonAs the capital and largest city in Portugal, holidays in Lisbon are quickly becoming a popular destination amongst many tourists. One of the great highlights of Lisbon is that you don’t have to travel a lot to discover many attractions around the country as everything is in a very short distance and within easy reach. Regardless of what you’re looking for, be it beach resorts, magnificent palaces, beautifully preserved medieval villages, romantic towns surrounded by mountains or a world – famous religious shrine, there is so much to discover around Lisbon.

You definitely won’t struggle to find beaches whilst on your holiday in Lisbon as there are plenty of them around the city and most of them are clean and fly the European Union Blue Flag for excellence. They all have plenty of activities on offer from windsurfing and kite boarding to simply relaxing under the sun. The most popular are Carcavelos Beach and São Pedro do Estoril. Praia da Adraga is also considered to be one of Europe’s best beaches according to the BBC. Surrounded by tall cliffs, the beach is unspoilt with clean blue waters surrounding it.

Lisbon’s nightlife is generally considered to be the best in Europe with different areas possessing various styles of restaurants and bars that many tourists flock to. At night the city’s old quarters come alive with the sound of fado singing and guitar playing.

Fado Houses are very popular amongst tourists and locals and are where people can go to for excellent local cooking and to listen to the music of Lisbon. This accounts for a truly unique experience and something that is definitely recommended whilst on holiday in Lisbon. You will find that Av. 24 de Julho is mainly full of bars and discos so is more suitable for those who are in Lisbon to party hard. Bairro Alto and Docas have plenty of restaurants, bars and discos and is therefore perfect for people looking for a combination of entertainment. Parque das Naçőes consists of mainly restaurants and bars so is better suited to families and couples who are after quieter evenings.

When on holiday in Lisbon be sure to visit Estoril which was once an attraction for spies, authors and exiled royals during World War II. Today it still retains the atmosphere that was present all those decades ago with its luxury hotels, Victorian Villas and top – rated golf courses. The Central Parque do Estoril is absolutely charming with a beautiful stretch of exotic trees, fountains surrounded by restaurants and bars. Situated at the top of the park is Casino de Estoril, Europe’s biggest casino which was the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s “Casino Royale.

If history and culture is an interest of yours then visit Queluz as it boasts an 18th century palace that once served as a hunting lodge for the royal family and is one of the most magnificent palaces in the area. As well as this you can visit the Feira da Ladra (Flea Market) which is located in Campo de Santa Clara. It is one of the oldest markets in Lisbon and visitors can buy or exchange items such as antique furniture, second hand clothes and old records.

Everyone loves to shop and the place to do this when on holiday in Lisbon is at the Almada Forum. Consisting of 260 shops, 35 restaurants and 12 cinemas, Almada Forum was selected as the “Best Shopping Centre in Europe 2003”. With just about every aspect covered from shopping, sightseeing, beaches and nightlife, one thing you won’t find while on holiday in Lisbon is a shortage of things to do.

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