Las Vegas

Sometimes when you go on holiday it can feel like you’ve already been there and done that even if you’ve never been to the country before. Perhaps this is because you always go on skiing holidays or always go on beach holidays. Although not many people would think of going on a short break in Las Vegas, if a week of intense thrills and excitement in a fast – paced lifestyle is something you crave then this is definitely the place to be.

One of the best things about Las Vegas is that you don’t ever have to leave your hotel if you don’t want to as they all contain everything you could possibly need plus more. The newest, most spectacular and popular casinos in Las Vegas are located along the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard, known as “The Strip”. The majority of them cater for everything you could ever desire while on a short break in Las Vegas including the all important casino.

The hotels you will come across while on a short break in Las Vegas are out of this world and unlike anything you have probably ever seen before. The MGM Grand Hotel Casino is based on the theme of a large Hollywood movie studio and is truly spectacular. With 16 restaurants, a small shopping mall, large dance club, a 16,325 seat auditorium and even an amusement park you would think that it is a whole resort not just one hotel. The ancient Egyptian motif and huge Sphinx attract many people to the Luxor Hotel Casino. A distinctive all – glass pyramid with 4,400 rooms, six restaurants, an Olympic sized swimming pool and other facilities, this hotel is a popular choice amongst many tourists who go on a short break in Las Vegas.

Other than the obvious there is so much to do in the buzzing city of Las Vegas. One of the most popular attractions on the strip is The Fremont Street Experience. There is plenty of good fun and entertainment including a lightshow, restaurants, some of the largest screens in the world and other attractions. This is a definite must on your short break in Las Vegas and is even free which is an advantage to those who have spent all their money in the casinos. With so much to see and do a short break in Las Vegas makes a perfect getaway for everyone.


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