kosKos is one of the many beautiful Greek islands and thanks to its combination of sand and sightseeing it has become a hugely popular resort with the British. For all inclusive beach holidays in Kos this island is considered to be one of the best of the Greek Islands. No doubt this is down to the fact that the coast is swept by magnificent sandy beaches and the island has some of the most interesting archaeological sites in the Mediterranean.

There are many different reasons why people choose to holiday in Kos but one of the things that the island is notorious for is its superb nightlife. Kos town and Kardamena are the two biggest resorts on the island and both incorporate a unique mix of beach resorts, open air nightclubs and ancient ruins you won’t find anywhere else. Greek and Roman remains, including elegant columns and beautiful street mosaics are distinctively present next to modern street bars providing clubbers with a nightclub scene which is out of this world.

The two streets of the capital which are crammed with bars are Diakon and Nafklirou streets which provide a wide and varied choice of entertainment for everyone. All the bars are open until late and nightclubs stay busy until the morning. There are also many taverns which play live Greek Music and are open until 2am leaving you free to dance the night away.

Don’t be fooled that all there is to a holiday in Kos is clubbing and alcohol. The beaches on Kos are some of the most beautiful in the Greek islands and the majority of them boast sandy shores and crystalline blue waters. Many of them offer services such as bathrooms and showers and also have restaurants and cafés dotted along the seafront or located in nearby villages.

On days when you feel like escaping the heat of the sun, Kos has various shops selling all kinds of products. Jewelleries, tourist shops, leather products, fur shops and handmade and fine art products shops can be found in Kos Town as well as shops selling clothes, shoes and books. In some picturesque villages of the island visitors will find small shops which sell fine handmade products such as weavings, ceramics and embroideries. For something a bit different you can also find shops selling local specialities such as honey, sweets, herbs, spices and wine.

There is also plenty to do for people who would prefer a more active holiday in Kos. The flat plains have made cycling very popular on the island which means that there are about 5,000 bicycles for hire at the height of the season.

Another popular activity is excursions which are popular and plentiful in Kos. Not only can you go around and across the island but you can also go to neighbouring islands such as Pserimos and Turkey. A boat trip to the island of Nisyros is very enjoyable and a popular option amongst many whilst on holiday in Kos. It has active volcanic fumeroles, steam vents, and boiling mud. Nisyros also has a very pretty village with narrow streets and many beautiful flowers. Be warned that a trip up to the crater is a bit scary with very steep drops and don’t wear flip – flops as they will melt off your feet.

Whether you decide to holiday in Kos because of the nightlife, beaches or sightseeing, you are bound to find something to keep everyone happy which means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.

Image belongs to: Fabrizio http://www.flickr.com/photos/acidopuro. Taken from: http://www.flickr.com


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