Costa del Sol

costa del sol spainThanks to the sun and the beaches, Spanish tourism started to accelerate several decades ago and hasn’t stopped since. The Costa del Sol is still particularly affected by this increase of tourism and has been considered an international tourist destination since the early fifties.

Perhaps what attracts so many people to holiday in the Costa del Sol is its strategic location. As the gateway to Africa which occupies a large part of the western Mediterranean coastline, many different civilisations have lived here which in turn has made the region rich in archaeological remains. This is clearly visible through paintings and objects discovered in the Nerja Cave and with the remains that have been found in Antequera. There is also a Roman theatre in Málaga, Moorish Baths in Ronda and much more which you can discover whilst on your holiday in the Costa del Sol.

The modern infrastructures and incomparable climate means that Málaga has more visitors than any other Spanish province. It is often described as a small continent due to the fact that it is a land of such contrast. You will find mountains, sea, rural villages and tourist resorts as well as the most extensive network of hotels anywhere in Spain.

Your holiday in the Costa del Sol would not be complete without a trip to Málaga. It is mostly a beach area with plenty of restaurants located on the seafront and the best climate in Europe. Málaga boasts some excellent beaches which are cleaned every day and have lots of facilities including bars, restaurants, showers, beach umbrellas, beach beds, palm trees, children’s parks, lifeguards, water – sports and much more.

If you would prefer to lie on an empty beach with nobody around then you can do this too as there are many small coves and beaches. The coves around Maro in the Nerja area form part of a nature park which means that they do not have any beach services. However, they are among the most beautiful beaches on the entire Costa del Sol so are well worth going to.

Maro – Cerro Gordo which is in Nerja is a popular place for tourists to visit whilst on holiday in the Costa del Sol due to the stunning scenery. The area is made up of rock formations which rise high out of the water and is part of the same geological formation of the nearby Tejeda Almijara mountain range. As a result of this, small, deep coves which are excellent for underwater diving in the crystal – clear waters are formed.

The Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama nature area is the third biggest nature area in the province of Málaga. The mountain peaks reach a staggering 2,000 metres above sea level and are usually covered in snow during the winter months. This manages to attract many visitors who aren’t used to seeing snow in a country as hot as Spain.

If you would like your holiday in the Costa del Sol to be a bit more active then you are in luck as adventure sports are very popular. Due to the number of high mountain peaks that are suitable for mountain climbing, rock climbing and hand – gliding you will have plenty of opportunities to try out any of these activities at some point.

The beauty of the Costa del Sol is that it’s very easy to visit other parts of Spain and to go on excursions when you fancy trying something different. This means that when booking your holiday in the Costa del Sol you can be reassured that there will be plenty to do and lots to see.

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