Costa Brava

costa brava spainCosta Brava is a coastal region located in north eastern Catalonia, Spain. Tropical climates, stunning beaches and lots to do including water – skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, jet skiing and a water park are all contributing to more and more people choosing to holiday in Costa Brava. The beautiful region’s name means Wild Coast which will become apparent to travellers when they visit any one of the wonderful beaches in the area.

Costa Brava’s claim to fame is that it was voted the best emerging golf destination in 2000 by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. Consequently this has made it a popular destination for golfers wishing to enjoy the nine top – class golf courses and eight pitch – and – put courses. Be aware that although you don’t need to become a member at any of these courses you will need to be a member of a golf course in your home country.

The regional capital is Barcelona and is regarded by many as one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Perhaps one of the many reasons that people choose to holiday in Costa Brava is so that they can visit the museums, participate in water – sports and go sight – seeing in Barcelona. One of the must – sees is the magnificent Cathedral of Sagrada Familia which started being built in 1883 but has never been completed.

Whether you are a nature lover, fitness fanatic or fancy yourself as a bit of an explorer, you will love the Cami de Ronda walk. It is one of the loveliest routes in Costa Brava and is made up of old coastguards’ and farmers’ trails which take you all around coastline. The long distance coastal route linking these paths were built over and were left to crumble into the sea over recent years. However, the Catalan government is now gradually restoring them and it will soon be possible to walk the entire coast from the French Borderto Blanes.

Roses is the biggest resort on the northern stretch of the Costa and is located just 30 kilometres from the French border. It is a popular international holiday destination which has managed to retain much of its original charm as an old fishing port which makes this a popular place for people to stay whilst on holiday in Costa Brava. This resort remains unique as you can find all modern tourist facilities here yet the resort has managed escape the over – development which now characterises some Spanish coastal towns.

There is also so much more to do on your holiday in Costa Brava including paying a visit to The Salvador Dali Museum at Figueres and the Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat. As well as this you can enjoy superb cuisine based on fresh fish and seafood and a selection of specialities from the sea. As if that wasn’t enough, Costa Brava is also an ideal base from which to explore the countless treasures of Catalonia.

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