Costa Almeria

costa almeriaLocated on the coast of Spain, Costa Almeria is a popular holiday destination which is very affordable as it’s only a couple of hours away. Probably the most diverse out of all the Spanish Costas, a holiday in Costa Almeria is ideal for everyone from groups of friends to couples and families. You will find a vast range of beaches from popular resorts with every facility imaginable to tiny, deserted coves where you won’t see a soul all day. 

With a completely unspoilt coast, beaches are a popular choice amongst those who choose to holiday in Costa Almeria. One of the most popular beaches in the region is Agua Amarga Beach. It is set in the Cabo de Gata National Park and has several other beautiful beaches nearby which means you’re spoilt for choice. Agua Amarga is a picturesque Blue Flag beach which is overlooked by the lovely whitewashed buildings of the nearby fishing village. The beach is mostly sandy, with calm, crystal clear waters and is ideal for safe swimming. Facilities include toilets, showers, a life guard in the summer, water – sports and numerous restaurants and bars in the village.

For those who are fans of the old Western movies, you wouldn’t dream of going to Costa Almeria and not taking a trip to the little village of Tabernas. When Western films were the most popular Hollywood genre a couple of decades ago, legendary stars such as Clint Eastwood were starring in infamous movies such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly which were set in this location. Located in a barren landscape of canyons and rocky wasteland which were indicative of the American Wild West, a trip to this attraction will be the highlight of your holiday in Costa Almeria. Not only can you relive classic Westerns, you can take a trip to Mini Hollywood, Texas Hollywood and Western Leone. You can also go on stagecoach rides, see live shows, visit the zoo and have a drink in the saloon in Europe’s only desert region.  

To the east of Almeria is the Nijar Natural Park which is located on the rugged and desolate coast of the Cabo de Gata. As a dry desert landscape which is sparsely populated, there are few villages and residents which makes this a charming, peaceful place to visit. Many of the coves at the park can only be reached by foot making this area particularly popular with nature lovers and back – packers.

If you prefer your holiday in Costa Almeria to incorporate the business of city life then West of Almeria is perfect for you as you will find the highly developed tourist resorts of Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulce. These have all the facilities of any modern resort with plenty to keep you occupied for however long you plan to visit for. Roquetas de Mar was once a traditional fishing town but is now a popular holiday resort. It’s not hard to see why it was designated a National Tourist Amenity in 1967 as it possesses many good beaches and amenities for water – sports, other sports as well such as golf, tennis and horse – riding. For something a bit unusual, visit the salt marsh at Las Marinas which attracts flamingos, little egrets and avocets.

The most popular coastal village in the region is San Jose. This is a delightful, small town which is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday resort. It is located around a shallow bay towards the south end of Cabo de Gata and is a beautiful place to stay during your holiday in Costa Almeria. With a refreshing lack of high – rise development here, sandy streets, a nature park and one of the finest beaches on the Cabo de Gata, the only problem you will have is that you’re not going to want to go home.  

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