Residents Angry With Bomb Stopover At Prestwick Airport

Residents and politicians have been left fuming after the United States used Prestwick Airport as a stopover while transporting bombs to Israel. As it is a civil airport used by thousands of civilians every day, most people feel that it is not appropriate for it to be used for these purposes. It has been argued that all that should fly through airports is medicine, food and diplomacy – not things that can put innocent people’s lives in danger. 

As well as being a safety issue, many people don’t think that the United Kingdom should be used as an accessory to the escalation of violence in the Middle East. These recent events have led to unwanted negative publicity for the airport and has angered many local residents who do not want the airport being used as America’s aircraft carrier.

Local people have expressed their surprise and anger that military flights had passed so close to their homes. People feel that these things shouldn’t happen near houses and they should have gone to a military airport. It has made local residents angry because they feel that it has made Prestwick a target and could have potentially endangered many lives. 

Green MSPs are calling for the Scottish Executive, UK Government and Prestwick Airport authorities to prevent further use of the airport by US flights carrying arms to Israel.  Community councils in the town have also demanded answers and said they intend to write to the Foreign Office and US Government expressing their concerns. One of the many reasons for this is because the community don’t want aircraft and armoury flying in built-up areas. MSPs and MPs have called for a halt to further US arms shipments. 

Brian Donohoe, MP for Central Ayrshire has called an “urgent meeting” has been called with Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett MP.  He said that although in the past they have agreed to have more military flights at Prestwick Airport, they feel that the United States have not been carrying out procedures properly and therefore the matter must be looked into.


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