Parking Changes at Birmingham Airport

parking changes at birmingham airport

Parking at Birmingham Airport has been changed following the terrorist attack on Glasgow airport several months ago. The changes have been introduced following the closure of roads at the front of its terminal buildings and the terrorist attack which resulting in restricted access to the airport.

Since the attempted terrorist attacks in Glasgow and London, Birmingham Airport’s set-down roads have remained closed at the front of the Terminals. For the duration of this time the existing short-stay car park has been used as a temporary measure for dropping off passengers. This facility was free for drivers for a period of 10 minutes so they could efficiently drop off their passengers. However, the new parking rules which came into effect on 2nd August mean that this has been withdrawn.

The airport has announced that it will not be reopening its roads at the front of its terminal buildings and has adopted a new scheme instead. The new “Rapid Drop-off” area which is close to terminals one and two has angered many people who now have to pay to drop friends and family off. Whereas before drivers could drop people off outside the terminal for free, they now have to pay £1 for 20 minutes and then £3 for every 15 minutes after that. This means that drivers are going to have to pay a very pricey £4 for just over half an hour of parking at Birmingham Airport.

There is an option where you can park for free for 30 minutes but people feel that it isn’t a realistic option. Birmingham Airport has set up free drop-off facilities in the long stay car park, with free buses regularly going to and from the terminal buildings. However, with a transfer time of 10 minutes each way, it is unlikely that anyone will be back at their car within half an hour.  

The airport say that the reasons for these changes are in order to improve the flow of traffic on the approach roads to the terminals, enable people to get in and out of airport traffic quickly and help them to unload from vehicles safely. Either way it looks like people are going to have to be prepared to pay large amounts for parking at Birmingham Airport.

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