Newcastle Airport Fight for Development

newcastle airport fight for development

Plans to build a new business park at Newcastle Airport have created debate between residents, councillors and MPs in the local area. The scheme, which will cost £20 million to implement, includes six three-storey buildings and 465 car parking spaces being built.  

The proposal has divided the community and business leaders over whether it would be a good idea or not and is due to go before councillors this week.

People in favour of the buildings and car park being built have argued that the scheme has plenty of economic benefits and will create 1,600 jobs. The North East Chamber of Commerce, local MPs and the executive mayor of neighbouring North Tyneside feel that the extensions are crucial to the future success of the airport. They also point out that a similar scheme at Durham Tess Valley Airport was granted planning permission so there’s no reason why Newcastle Airport shouldn’t be given the same privilege. Another major advantage of the scheme would be that extra, much needed parking at Newcastle Airport would be made available. 

However, others are objecting the development and Newcastle City Council has received over 100 objections regarding the scheme.  Residents are concerned about traffic, noise, pollution, loss of green space and the impact it’s going to have on wildlife.

A similar application was turned down by the council a year ago because it breached planning guidelines stipulating that only airport-related businesses should be allowed on the land. However, developers have assured the council that all businesses will be airport-related. They also claim that local roads can cope with the traffic and the scheme will not have a significant impact on other office developments and will complement other schemes in the area.

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