Manchester Airport Introduces Zero-Tolerance Approach

manchester airport introduces zero tolerance approach

With disruptive behaviour becoming an increasing problem at airports and on flights, Manchester Airport has decided to introduce a zero-tolerance approach to such behaviour. The problem staff are facing is that people are either nervous about flying so have a couple drinks to calm their nerves ,or they’re going on holiday with a group of friends and are excited so want to get the party started early with a few drinks. Most of the time this isn’t a problem, however you do get a lot of cases where people take it too far and have way too much to drink or start getting aggressive.

Manchester Airport has teamed up with the Crown Prosecution Service, airline and airport authorities and police to combat this problem. They have all promised to curb any drunken, anti-social or violent behaviour and act swiftly to resolve the problems. This concept stands regardless of whether passengers are in the air or on the ground before boarding.

The zero-tolerance approach has been introduced now as Manchester Airport are expecting the next few weekends to be one of their busiest periods of the year. On top of this passengers are likely to be more irritated than usual as recent terror threats mean that security has been increased which will result in longer waits to check in. This is even further fuelled by the recent smoking ban which smokers are still trying to adjust to.

Airport bosses say that whereas most people understand and appreciate the fact that the increased safety measures have been implemented for their own safety, there are people who are going to be aggressive and threatening towards staff. The zero-tolerance approach has been designed to protect staff at the airport and on flights as well as other passengers wishing to have a relaxed and pleasant journey.

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One response to “Manchester Airport Introduces Zero-Tolerance Approach

  1. I could understand why this is a useful safety precaution. Though I wonder if they’ll be safe from alcohol-and/or-nicotine-deprived-induced acts of aggression?

    Though I’ve never been on a plane before where alcohol-sparked incidents have occurred.

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