Humberside Airport Blog

Humberside Airport, which is part of the Manchester Airport Group, has seen profits fall over the last year. The group which consists of Manchester, East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside Airports has suffered due to people being more conscientious about the environment. The number of people changing their method of transport from planes to trains where possible has led to a £700,000 decline in profits in the last 12 months.

Another factor affecting Humberside airport, part of the second largest airport operator in the UK, is the terror alerts of the last few years. Obviously this has put people off flying as has the fact that airports have to increase security levels. This means taking longer to check in, queuing for long periods of time and people becoming increasingly frustrated. Along with higher utility costs and the number of low-cost flights declining, the future is not looking bright for many airports across the UK.

Although passenger numbers across the group rose from 27.6 million to 28.6 million, revenues stayed the same, suggesting that people are paying less for their tickets. No doubt this is a result of people being more reluctant to fly.

As a result of this, bosses at MAG say that they are stepping up their efforts in order to improve their customer service proposition. They are looking into ways of making the passenger experience even more enjoyable including improving services in the terminals, retail areas and car parks at Humberside Airport.

With regards to passengers being concerned about the environment, the Manchester Airport Group has reduced its carbon emissions by using renewable sources of electricity and water. It is hoped that growth can be expected this year along with costs being cut and income being boosted.  


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