Football Club in Car Park Dispute At Stansted Airport

football club in car park dispute at stanstead airport

During a court case in June of this year, Bradley Goodwin and Luigi Del Basso from Bishops Stortford Football Club Ltd admitted operating an illegal car parking scheme at Stansted Airport. The men were taken to court after they ignored an enforcement notice from East Herts Council ordering them to stop operating their business, BSFC.  

It is estimated that they were making approximately £6,500 a day during peak times and first started when the football club was allowed to create a new stadium on greenbelt land. The area is close to the airport so was an ideal place to offer extra parking facilities.

In January 2003, the council issued an enforcement notice saying that there was no need for the car park scheme as there was already enough parking at Stansted Airport. As well as this, the car park was on greenbelt land. The club appealed the notice and as a result the case went before a public enquiry.

In October of the same year, an inspector upheld the enforcement but gave the club six months to comply with it. Again, the club appealed this decision and it went before the High Court in London in February 2004. The appeal was dismissed once again and the club was given six months to wind down the business.

The club decided to take matters into their own hands and ignore the ruling. They continued to operate the business into late 2004. However, there are reports that they continued trading up until earlier this year. As well as this, there is still a company operating as BSFC although there is no information available as to where the cars are being parked.

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