London City Airport Support Students

london city airport support students

Last month London City airport launched a University Prize Scheme dedicated to helping students in the Newham area. As part of its Education Excellence Programme, the airport invited students who have applied this year to study transport, business studies, foreign languages and geography to apply for the scheme. The University Prize Scheme is just one of the airport’s Education Excellence programmes as they are devoted to supporting youngsters in the area.

Two students are chosen to each receive £2,000 per year whilst at university for a period of up to three years. London City Airport are supporting the scheme as it helps to make higher education more accessible for those wishing to attend. With expenses such as travel, rent, books and tuition fees they understand how expensive going to university can be. As well as this, the airport will provide the chosen students with mentors from the airport management team, paid work experience placements, volunteering opportunities and additional training at the airport.

The deadline for this year has already been and short-listed candidates will be invited to London City Airport for a half-day assessment on Friday 27th July 2007. The University Prize Scheme has been developed in order to help students who are interested in and want to learn more about the airport business or related subjects. It also aims to build education capacity in the local area and encourage a larger number of students from local colleges to consider higher education and to ‘aim high’.

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