Liverpool Airport Car Park Plans

liverpool airport car park plans

Liverpool City Council has approved plans for an 869 space multi – storey car park at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. The car park, which will be for short stay customers, will be located directly outside the airport terminal. The development is set to cost £25 million and work will take 18 months to complete.

The airport has been working closely with council planning officers to come up with the best design to suit both the airport and the region. It has been decided that the multi-storey car park is going to include projected coloured glazed boxes on the exterior to add visual interest to the front of the car park. Walking over to the terminal will be made easy for passengers as a new enclosed link bridge that will span the road in front of the terminal will be built.

As well as the car park, a 157 bedroom hotel which will be operated by a major chain, will be built on top of the multi – storey. The hotel will be popular amongst passengers who fly in late and don’t want to travel all the way home and for those who have early morning flights. 

The reason for the new addition is due to the increasing passenger demand for these facilities. With five million passengers passing through their door every year, parking at Liverpool John Lennon Airport needs to be made more readily available. As well as more parking spaces being available, the development will improve access to buses and taxis for passengers and airport staff.

Customer feedback has revealed that passengers want these extra facilities because they feel that there currently aren’t enough. The hotel will be convenient for those who have long journeys and the extra parking at Liverpool Airport will improve traffic congestion and make finding parking easier.

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