Leeds Airport Sale to Benefit Community

leeds airport sale to benefit community

Following the sale of Leeds Bradford Airport, each of the city’s 30 wards is set to receive £100,000. This generosity is part of a bid to make improvements within local communities. £3 million of the £145.5 million that was raised from the sale of the airport to private equity firm Bridgepoint, will be donated to each area to spend on community projects.

Councillors are excited about the scheme because money like this doesn’t often come to hand and many much needed improvements can now be made. Small changes such as street lighting and improvements to parks and community buildings will be made as well as bigger projects which can help the future of the city.     

Part of the deal upon completion of the sale of Leeds Airport was that Bridgepoint spend £70 million developing the airport. This includes increasing the airport’s capacity, expanding shops and restaurant and new destinations being added. 

Recent government plans to expand air travel could be just the boost that Leeds Bradford Airport needs. At the moment, approximately 1.6 million passengers use the airport every year. However, a recent Government consultation paper has revealed that there is scope for this figure to rise to four million by 2015, and seven million by 2030.

However, just like every other airport that is wishing to expand, they are facing a backlash from campaigners who are opposing the idea. People feel that local transport networks will not be able to cope with the volume of people, more noise will be created and the runway and airport buildings would have to be extended. Due to this, bosses of the airport are limiting any environmental impact that the expansion may have. This includes reducing aircraft noise and making sure that local authorities and airports enter into agreements to control issues such as air quality.

Image belongs to: Esteban De Sousa Seibane. Taken from: http://www.flickr.com 


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