How secure is airport parking?

how secure is airport parking

Many people consider their cars to be their pride and joy so it’s not surprising that you’re going to want to ensure you’re leaving it in the best hands when you are trusting it with airport parking. A recent episode of Watchdog shook people’s faith in car valeting services available at airports. A tracking device secretly hidden in cars revealed that Pink Meet & Greet was a rogue company who were taking people for a ride, quite literally.

It was revealed that despite promises of safe and secure parking, people’s vehicles were in fact only in secure compounds for an average of two out of five days with this airport parking service. For the remaining time cars were passed between supermarket car parks and streets. Hardly the kind of service you expect for about £75 a week.  As if this wasn’t enough, cars were being driven at speeds of over 100 mph and there were reports of illegal substances and cds that didn’t belong to the owners being found in cars.

There is no need to write off companies that offer airport parking though. There are some that provide very good services, are reliable and reasonably priced. The best way to ensure you are getting value for money and are with a genuine company is to take following steps before committing to anything.

Make sure you thoroughly check out the company you are planning to use before committing to anything when looking for airport parking. If they are a genuine company they should be a member of the Independent Airport Park and Ride Association (IAPRA). This should give you a good indication that you will be leaving your vehicle in safe hands.

Opt for organisations who have been awarded the Safer Parking Award which is granted by the police after a detailed risk assessment. To check for registration visit

Watch out for companies such as Airport Car Parking Direct who claim to have the AA Gold Standard award for security. This scheme was terminated over five years ago so any company displaying the award should be reported.  

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