The Images of Borneo

images of borneo

Borneo is the third largest island in the world and is located off the southeast coast of Asia. The island is famous for its wildlife, jungles, national parks and Mount Kinabalu. No matter what kind of holiday you are after you are bound to love Borneo because you have the option to be in the rainforest, city or beach.

Kuching is a popular city in Borneo due to its laid back nature and friendly atmosphere. The name of the city is another word for ‘cat’ which is very evident from all the cat statues located around the area. With an interesting history and plenty of culture on offer there is plenty to do in Kuching. To make it easier for tourists to get from here to there are riverboats which take passengers back and fourth across the river.

Something that all animal lovers should do when on holiday in Borneo is to pay a visit to the Semengok Orang Utan sanctuary. These magnificent creatures have been rescued from captivity and nurtured and rehabilitated for eventual release into the jungle. Even if you aren’t normally an animal lover it is almost impossible not to be amazed by these intriguing animals.

The Sarawak Museum is a popular attraction amongst many tourists who choose to go on holiday in Borneo. The museum was established in 1860 but didn’t open to the public until 1891. As its reputation has grown from strength to strength in the years that it has been open, it has since become a research centre in Borneo as well.

There are many things that attract thousands of visitors to Borneo every year as the island possesses so many good qualities. One of the many attractions is the tropical climate as temperatures generally range between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year.  Because of this it is hardly surprising that water – sports is such a popular past time on the island.

There are various beaches to choose from as well as a vast array of activities from diving and snorkelling to sailing and water skiing. No matter where in Borneo you go or at what time of the year you go, a holiday to Borneo will be an experience that you will never forget.  

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