Mauritius All Inclusive

mauritius all inclusive

Due to its exotic location in the Indian Ocean, there is no doubt that Mauritius can be classified as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The beaches alone boast pure white sand and crystal clear waters that display several different shades of blue. There are very few places in the world that can actually be described as a tropical paradise but this is definitely one of them.


Bearing this in mind it is no surprise that so many people choose to holiday in Mauritius every year. The island is almost entirely surrounded by a coral reef which makes diving an absolute must on your trip. Alternatively, a day aboard a catamaran or an undersea submarine safari are both great ways of exploring the sea life around the stunning island.


An attraction that should definitely be visited whilst on holiday in Mauritius is the Pamplemousses Royal Botanical Gardens. A few of the amazing sights that can be seen at the gardens include the giant floating leaves of the Giant Amazon water lily and the extensive range of palm trees on display. Even if plants aren’t normally your thing, the gardens make a great day out and are so impressive that everyone will have a great time.


A common concern amongst tourists when visiting exotic countries is about any conflicts that may be going on at the time. However, if you go on holiday to Mauritius you are unlikely to run into any problems. The island has a reputation for stability and racial harmony. As well as this they have maintained one of the developing world’s most successful democracies and boasts years of constitutional order. 


One of the best things about choosing to holiday in Mauritius is the fact that you can’t really go wrong with the weather. The temperatures between summer and winter only vary by a couple degrees and the coldest you are likely to experience is 20 Celsius which is still very mild.


It is easy to see why holidays in Mauritius have become so popular because not only is the scenery absolutely breathtaking but there is so much to do as well. From trekking, mountain climbing and visiting botanical gardens to sunbathing on beautiful beaches, there is something to suit everyone regardless of age or interests.

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