Al Ain Oasis, Dubai

Al Ain Oasis, Dubai

In recent years the Middle East has become a very popular holiday destination. From Dubai to the Dead Sea more and more people are opting to go on holidays that have something unique to offer. One destination in particular that is extra special is Al Ain which is located in Abu Dhabi.

This city in the Middle East still thrives on its authentic Arabic look and feel due to the fact that there aren’t very many Western expatriates there. This makes it one of the few places left in the world where you can actually experience the true customs and traditions of a country before it has been westernised.

To see an example of a true Middle East tradition, take a trip to the Camel market. This is a place where Camel dealers come from all around the Gulf to buy and sell the animals for racing. This is quite a rarity and is not something that you will still be able to see in many parts of the world so is definitely something that should be done.

If you choose to holiday in the Middle East, another reason why you should pay a visit to Al Ain is to see the mountain that rises to 4000 feet. The mountain provides stunning views of the city and has been described as ‘the greatest driving road in the world’. A trip here makes an interesting day out and provides panoramic views over the city, the desert and even Oman.

Although there are various hotels located around Al Ain one that particularly stands out is the Hilton Al Ain. This is because it is probably the first 5 star hotel to have ever been built in the United Arab Emirates. There are a number of restaurants and bars located within the hotel, two swimming pools, sporting facilities and a fitness room. This means that there is plenty to do and keep you busy even if you are not out sightseeing.

When visiting the Middle East there are plenty of locations that you can visit whilst there. However, Al Ain is one of the best places to visit if you want a true taste of what life in that part of the world is really like.

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