Edinburgh Airport Taxi Rip-off

edinburgh airport taxi rip off

An MP is demanding that action be taken after he was quoted nearly £50 for a 16-mile journey from Edinburgh Airport. Jim Devine is appalled that taxis from the airport can justify these prices. He says that a local taxi from his house to the airport would normally cost less than half that price.

He argues that these fares could deter tourists who would be understandably shocked at these prices from visiting the city again. The general consensus following this ordeal is that taxi prices should be capped or controlled. Many people feel that there is absolutely no reason why people travelling from Edinburgh Airport should have to pay double the amount purely because they are coming from the airport.

Others feel that it would be in the interest of taxi firms to reduce their prices anyway because if they don’t, then people will start using public transport instead. Either this or the airport is likely to see an increase in the amount of people using the meet and greet services available for parking at Edinburgh airport. Meet and greet services are very popular and are a convenient way of getting to and from the airport. Passengers drive their car to the airport and it is left there until they return from their journey. You can be satisfied that your car will be kept safe while you are away, don’t have to pay a fortune to get to and from the airport or struggle with your luggage on public transport. As well as this you don’t have to worry about trying to find parking at airports.

Unfortunately, Edinburgh Airport has no control over the prices charged by taxis to and from the airport which means that they are free to charge whatever they like. This isn’t helped by the fact that taxis in Edinburgh are thought to be amongst the most expensive in the world so prices are going to be high anyway.  On top of this, the law clearly states that if a taxi is going outside of the city’s region, it can charge whatever they like.

It seems unlikely that taxi firms operating at Edinburgh airport are unlikely to reduce their fees as they are perfectly within their rights to charge whatever they like. Whereas some people are happy to accept that it’s going to cost more, others are not. For a cheaper fare it is advisable to book a taxi from a local firm not operating at the airport to come and pick you up.     

Image belongs to: Esteban De Sousa Seibane. Taken from: http://www.flickr.com 


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