Durham Tees Valley Airport Security Fears

An MP from the North East has expressed his concerns about the level of security at Durham Tees Valley Airport. It is thought that the airport could be a very appealing target for terrorists as it’s so close to the army’s Catterick garrison – home to one of the UK’s largest army bases. Making it even more appealing to terrorists is the fact that the airport is used by soldiers boarding military flights to the Middle East.

One of the suggested solutions to lower the risk of this happening was to have the military fly at night when there are fewer civilians using Durham Tees Valley Airport. However, this idea has since been disregarded as it’s unrealistic and impractical. As well as this, many locals have been campaigning for years to reduce the number of night – time flights. It is thought that increasing them would only anger those living near the airport and cause more problems.

A member of the local council has admitted that Durham Tess Valley Airport is inadequate for military use and they do not have enough police to cover it and carry out observations of anything suspicious. Another suggested idea was for the military to use their own air-field as this would have limited impact on the public.

Following the terrorist attack on Glasgow airport, security was stepped up at Durham Tees Valley Airport however. Shortly after the incident armed police were drafted in amid fears that other terminals may be targeted by terrorists. The airport was put on high alert and an armed response team were patrolling throughout the airport.


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