Cardiff Airport Increase Security

Cardiff airport has decided to permanently ban cars from dropping off and picking up passengers from outside its terminal building. The measure was originally implemented following the incident involving a jeep driving into Glasgow Airport. Since then, managers at Cardiff Airport have decided to keep this a permanent rule.

The new drop off point for cars is located in the short-stay car park. However, buses and authorised vehicles such as delivery trucks can still drive up to the terminal. Only time will tell what kind of effect this is going to have on parking at Cardiff Airport. To increase security furthermore, there will also be restrictions on hand luggage.

While some people feel that these steps are necessary are useful, others feel it may put people off flying in the future. However, extra staff have been sent to work at the airport to help implement the new security measures and to help minimise delays. It is advisable to phone the airport you are flying from before you travel to check what restrictions are in place at the time you’re flying.

This disruption comes at a time when Cardiff Airport have just announced that over two million passengers passed through the airport last year which gave them a 30 percent overall growth. This success has made them one of Britain’s fastest growing airports. As a result, the airport will be adding new services and airlines by the end of the year which is likely to increase their passenger numbers even more.


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