Bristol Airport Parking

bristol airport parking

Bristol Airport parking plans have been put on hold once again after hopes to build a new car park were dashed. Bristol Park and Fly were hopeful about building a new 1,200 space car park to provide an off airport car park with a minibus link for passengers. Local residents opposing the plans were thrilled when their local parish council announced they were going to back residents and write a letter of objection in protest against the plans.

The blow comes shortly after North Somerset district council has had a frosty reception to their master – plan, suggesting that planning permission is going to be hard to get. This means that long term parking at Bristol Airport may become a problem as passenger numbers rapidly increase. The Stop Bristol Airport Expansion is one of Britain’s most organised campaigns against airport expansion which again is going to make any growth extremely difficult. With Bristol’s passenger numbers expected to double to nine million by 2015, airport bosses are going to have to think of ways to make the expansion appeal to those against it.

A recent survey has revealed that 60 percent of people think it’s a bad idea for the Government to increase the capacity for the number of flights allowed at UK airports. This means that airport bosses are going to have a struggle on their hands when it comes to gaining the support they need from the public.

Analysts believe that local opposition is now a significant factor in the way that airport owners think so is likely to affect any decisions. With locals fearing that expanding the airport will increase greenhouse gas emissions, ruin many green land areas, increase traffic and produce an estimated extra six flights an hour, expansion does not look hopeful for the airport.

UK airports handled 235 million passengers in 2006, a number which is expected to double over the next 25 years. However, when aeroplanes are producing ten times as much CO2 as trains, it’s hard to get much needed support from local residents and environmentalists.

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