Birmingham Airport now ‘silent airport’

Birmingham International Airport has adopted a ‘silent airport’ approach in order to make travelling easier for their passengers. The traditional ‘bing bong’ flight call announcements that everyone is used to, have been replaced with a system that electronically displays flight information from screens in its terminal buildings. Passengers will now rely solely on Flight Information Display Screens (FIDS) around the airport to get them to their gate on time.

The decision to end the voice calls comes after research showed that in busy airports where boarding calls are broadcast at regular intervals, passengers became overloaded with information and consequently ‘switch off’ from hearing their flight call announcement.

Birmingham International Airport has installed 92 information display screens in the departure lounges of Terminals 1 and 2. These screens enable passengers to easily locate any information that they need. Such information includes a countdown to when the gate of a flight will be opening. This allows passengers to relax and pass the time in the airport shops and eateries. Assistance will be provided for passengers with reduced mobility and visual and hearing impairments to ensure that they board their flights on time.

The move comes at a good time for Birmingham International Airport as they have just won the Best Airport in Europe award in the five to ten million passengers category from Airports Council International (ACI). Although the airport achieved the award for its overall performance, the panel singled out its activities within the local community and its commitment to the environment.


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