Aberdeen Airport Parking

aberdeen airport parking

Aberdeen Airport is set to introduce a second taxi firm to their ranks in a bid to make more taxis available to travellers. The operation, which is scheduled to commence by the end of the summer, has been implemented to cater for the increasing numbers of customers travelling through the airport.

Thanks to new routes and destinations being added, Aberdeen Airport has seen an extra 314,000 passengers pass through their doors over the last year. In order to provide the best service possible, airport officials feel that they have to ensure plenty of taxis are available to take customers to and from the airport. However, it is thought that this move could anger commuters in the city.

New taxis working at Aberdeen Airport will be taken out of the city to meet new demands, which means a shortage of taxis available in other parts of Aberdeen. Airport bosses argue that they have to meet demand and with the number of passengers using Aberdeen Airport having soared by more than ten per cent over the last year, extra methods of transportation have to be executed in order to cater for people requiring these services.

Another popular method of getting to and from airports is Meet and Greet services available at most airports. It makes getting to your desired airport easier as you don’t have to haul your luggage on trains or busses and worry about them being late or busy. You are even offered a money back guarantee if they are late to meet you. Using these companies also means cheap parking at Aberdeen Airport with the guarantee that you’re car is going to be safe and brought back to you in one piece.

Extra taxis and meet and greet services are especially needed when flying is required to get to popular events and it’s a great method of securing long term parking at Aberdeen Airport. The number of passengers passing through Scotland’s three biggest airports, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, reached record levels in May due to the Uefa cup final. Nearly 2 million customers passed through these airports in May which is 5.5 percent up on the same month last year.

An increase in the number of taxis and meet and greet services available can only be a good thing as Aberdeen Airport has consistently been among the fastest growing of BAA’s UK airports.

Image belongs to: Esteban De Sousa Seibane. Taken from: http://www.flickr.com


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