Schools Go On Cycling Holidays

Exploring the world by bicycle can seem a daunting prospect, and at one time it truly was. Nowadays though this is changing rapidly, and more people are taking cycling holidays not just as a form of exercise, but in an effort to be environmentally friendly, too. Cycling holidays are the newest school holiday trend and interest is growing annually and because of this more travel companies are spending time compiling suitable packages for school group trips. Most companies worth their salt who offer cycling packages now comply with rigorous bicycle safety standards, and checks will be performed on your hired bikes with regularity.

The wind whipping through your hair and the tired legs after a hard day pedalling, all contribute to a fantastic sense of achievement and well being. Not only is cycling a wonderful form of exercise, but you can learn more on a bicycle as you go along than you ever could sat on a coach whizzing past scenery and not getting a proper look. How could you possibly explore the Rhone thoroughly by car or coach? Could you acquaint yourself with the intricacies of its vineyards, lavender fields and orchards that way? If you were travelling by bicycle you could afford to take it all in as you glide smoothly by in your group and chat as you go with no noisy engine to stop everyone hearing you. What’s more, after taking all of the beautiful countryside in, your school children would then have the opportunity to learn more when you stop at a landmark.

Education has changed so much, and children are finally growing up to be more economically friendly, they are understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and as a result cycling holidays can only be immensely popular with the children, and their parents. The great thing about cycle holidays though now, is that with holiday prices dropping to an all time low there is every chance you could snag five days cycling in France for the same price as a week’s guest hotel price in your own country.

The children deserve more, they work harder now and are ultimately more responsible earlier. With the enjoyment they take in healthy exercise now, it would seem a shame to deny them the opportunity to see more of the world while they increase their fitness and become healthier; not to mention the educational aspect of touring another country and learning to appreciate its culture and ways of life.

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